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Positive Phrases For Life

play the game of life to win with positive phrasesSpeaking is a natural activity that we all engage in every day. Many times we talk without thinking and it is rare for us to carefully consider our words before saying them. While thousands of words are spoken each day, we are usually oblivious to the effect of the negative and positive emotions in those words. There is a great deal of value in understanding the importance of positive phrases. Words have a tremendous power. They create a message which influences others and creates a ripple effect. While a harsh word will generate negative responses, kind and warm phrases will generate appreciate and similar feelings. These are some positive phrases that can be used.


Positive Phrases

We shall cover here:

  • I accept life as it comes
  • I am thankful for being alive
  • I appreciate acts of kindness
  • I choose to be kind to myself
  • I forgive the mistakes others have made


One of the most important positive phrase is “I accept life as it comes.” This phrase does not imply that life will always be joyful or be without struggles. However, the acceptance of life means that an individual sees the problems and struggles, but chooses to accept them and learn from them. Use this phrase whenever facing a difficult situation and turn that negative energy into productive thoughts and actions.

The second phrase is “I am thankful for being alive.” Many times we forget how wonderful and precious life truly is. Wake up every morning and say this phrase. It is a small saying, but can make all the difference in the world. Whether facing a long day at work, or one full of tasks, wake up every morning and be thankful for that life. Our time on earth is often too short, so it is important to appreciate the moments that we have been given.

The third phrase is “I appreciate acts of kindness.” Whether that act is someone letting you get in front of them in line at the bank, or holding open a door, many people go out of their way to perform small acts of kindness through the day. Always accept these small acts and appreciate the people who perform them. Also, see this as an opportunity to show your happiness by performing acts of kindness. We live in an uncertain time, so it is important to see times when we can show kindness to others. Take advantage of those opportunities even if they are small.

The fourth phrase is “I choose to be kind to myself.” Like charity, kindness begins at home. It’s impossible to have a positive attitude about life if you can’t love yourself. Yes, we all are imperfect and have problems, but everyone has talents and skills which can be appreciated and nurtured.

The fifth and final phrase to live by is “I forgive the mistakes others have made.” Life is short and it is hard to live in the present time while carrying a grudge against another person. Forgive others, even when they do not ask for forgiveness. We all need forgiveness in our own lives and making the effort to be kind and show compassion is important.

This article emphasizes the importance of positive phrases. Use these phrases everyday to begin thinking more positively about yourself and others and to live a full and happy life.