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3 Things To Ask Yourself When You Say I Want To Change My Life


change my life

What comes first toyour mind when someone asks you to change? Well, the answers are varied. Some people will resist to change or even fight against, instead of embracing the change. Change is unavoidable. We cannot do without change. Even it has been our nature that we change since we took our first breath. If there is no change, we will be stagnant and stifled; we will be stuck in a life which makes you feel worthless and empty. If we change, we can easily deal with and for the most monotonous part. Some people may ask again what you can do to change our life. Some are questioning why we need to change. Just like them, I used to think why my life has to be changed. However, I finally figure out and now I will share you the 3 reasons why I should change my life.


Change My Life

You will learn about:

  • Goals
  • Time
  • Obsticles



The major reason why you have to change your life like I have experienced is your goals of life. All of us must have goalsin this life. Setting up the goals may be difficult for some. However, they have to be set as soon as possible. Once your goals are clear enough, you will know what to do with them. They will decide whether or not you will be successful in your life, both in career and spiritual. However, they will be still beyond reach if you do not change your life. Keeping it like that way without any significant change will only waste your lifetime and finally the goals cannot be achieved. Law of attraction will not be workable if you do not change your life. Thus, it is highly important to realize your current life and do something with them for your goals.


When time passes, we grow older. None of us will stay the same and stagnant. You once might have a dream and it just disappeared since you did nothing for it. At the same time, the time in this life will run out when we die. This limited time has to be maximally used in order to achieve a better life. Then, time becomes the second reason why you have to change. Time is not back, what happens today will not happen again tomorrow with the same condition and time. Since you want to achieve your future, change has to be made in this very second, minute and hour.


Changing your life is actually a part of controlling your life, rather than the experiences which will control us. Thus, if you want to control your life, you have to change. However, there will be many obstacles from inside and outside. Your desire to change is the most difficult part. Even though outside factors like restrictions and economic or political situation are less influential, both of them must not be the obstacles to change so your life is under controlled.

All in all, it is important for you to change this life for our own goods. Achieving goals of life, limited of time and life control are the three major reasons why you have to change. In the end, you will have a better life in the future.