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3 Tips On How To Motivate Your Team

Motivating your team can be a daunting task. Some teamhow to motivate your team leaders think that the only way to motivate their team is through cash incentives. However, research proves that money is the last thing you would want to use to motivate your team. A great motivational gameplan is one that includes healthy competition along side knowing each team member on a personal level. This way, you know what motivates each person to work. In turn, they all graft well when it comes to work to reach the company’s goals. Here are three sure fire tips on how you can motivate your team to become more productive without using so much money and effort from your side. You’ll find here ways on how to motivate your team

 How To Motivate Your Team

You’ll learn about:

  • How to compliment
  • Being a firm but fair leader
  • Be innovative with rewards

Tip 1: Presence In the Compliment Department Goes a Long Way

Employees know how well they perform. However, they will perform better if they know they are being recognized. One of the basic human needs is the need for recognition. This simply implies that an employee will continuously perform when he knows that his boss or team members are aware of it. A simple praise every now and then will generate great performance from the team. Just make sure that all praises are earned and that nothing is sugar coated. In the same way, make sure that each mistake is well addressed. However, do not use embarrassment as a means of sanction. Otherwise, the team will be very careful of their each move because of their fear of embarrassment and productivity is jeopardized.

Tip 2: Be Consistent and Firm as a Leader

Team members will notice if you are not consistent with your behavior. Being consistentwith all your decisions, your attitude towards employees and company problems, your reward systems and all the like will make team members trust you and listen to every word you say. In addition to that, your team will know what to expect from you if you are consistent. Team members who do not know what to expect from their leaders will lose their morale and will not work efficiently. Anticipating your every unpredictable move and mood will cause anxiety to your team members. You will definitely not like a work environment full of anxiety.

Tip 3: Be Innovative With Rewards

Rewards and recognitions need not encompass work related provisions only. Once in a while incorporate some humor and create out-of-the-blue activities such as a pizza eating contest. Everyone loves pizza, everyone will join and everyone will be happy employees. Create badges that employees can wear if they have done a great job for the day. Concentrate on the fact that work-life balance exists. Go team building some where out of town where all of you can pitch in and where your team members’ families and loved ones can join. In fact, a simple slice of cake for a team member who is celebrating his birthday will make him feel he is loved and appreciated. Be diverse, the possibilities are endless.

All of these 3 tips will motivate your team because they make the self esteem of your team members higher. These tips will make your team members eventually find purpose in their work to keep them consistently productive.