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The Widely Used Four Techniques On Motivating Staff

motivating staffMany employers spend a lot of money in recruiting and training employees but they are unable to keep them for long enough. There is a need to be aware of the four techniques on motivating staff because this impacts on production. It is discouraging to wake up and find that no one reported to work and no good explanations were offered.




Motivating Staff

In this article we cover:

  • Good salaries
  • The importance of environment
  • Employee recognition
  • Decision making power

One way of motivating people is giving them good salaries as this makes them feel valued. Many workers attach a lot of importance on the remuneration and if they are underpaid they will look for greener pastures. This method might be expensive but it has proved to work in many situations even though it does not work in all cases. In motivating staff.

Another way workers can be motivated is by ensuring that the working environment is conducive. It is important to provide all tools employees need to perform their duties effectively. Stationeries, well conditioned machines and well furnished offices are some of the things that individuals need to remain productive. In motivating staff.

Many employees might be well paid and provided with everything they want but many enjoy being recognized by the management. It is essential to tell members of staff that their contribution is important because everybody want to be in a firm where they are productive. It is of essence to give credit where it is deserved and say thank you to those who have done their jobs well. In motivating staff

Employers can achieve this goal by empowering their employees where they are allowed to make decision and have control of their jobs. This can be done using appropriate job titles, letting them give suggestion on best way to do things and encouraging them to develop their careers. The job becomes boring if it is not challenging and the workers feel that they are not allowed to realize they full potential. In motivating staff.

Sometimes money might not work the magic because it is the nature of human being to develop more needs when one need is satisfied. When a member of staff feels that they are having enough money the satisfaction will have to come from something else. Considering that this method might be expensive it is essential to make use of other creative ways of achieving this goal. In motivating staff.

Unmotivated members of staff will not be satisfied with their jobs, their level of absenteeism is high and they are more likely to resign. Experience is essential in many jobs and it cannot be gained if employees cannot stay for long enough to learn things. It is not cost effective to keep hiring and training people who will soon get bored or frustrated ending up quitting. In motivating staff.

The four techniques on motivating staff are widely used but there are other methods that can be used depending with the situation. To achieve this goal it is essential to understand the employees so as to determine what is likely to work for them. People have different tastes and preferences and this applies in this issue but the employers should ensure that methods used are cost effective.